Boh Dental Brisbane

Boh Dental – As Australia’s third most populated city, Brisbane is a home to lots of dental offices. However, only one made it to the top of the list. Dentists from Boh Dental might just be the best teeth experts in the eastern part of Down Under. Why? Let’s find out.

Boh Dental was founded in 1976 when three dentists – Dr. Keith Francis Brain, Dr. John Vincent O’Brien and Dr. Richard William Holzgrefe – united and started working in a single office, together. With more than 40 years of experience, they still do what they love. But there’s a lot more to the office than just doctors.

The team also consists of dental hygienists, special Prosthodontists and consultants who make sure patients always leave their address with a smile on their faces. Services in Boh Dental include oral hygienists, a dental laboratory, a specialist Prosthodontics department and, of course, lots of different dental services.

Sleep treatments, preventive dentistry, even emergency dentist; the list of those services goes on. Representatives of Boh Dental advise consulting their doctors regarding tooth implants, whitening or filling. When you’re in the hands of such a great team of experts, fear of doctors gradually fades away.

„Everyone here is so amazing. The best dentists in Brisbane! I especially recommend Dr. Mark Elliot. Thank you everyone at Boh“, said Heidi from Stafford.

The list of positive reviews goes on. „ I’m pretty fussy when it comes to deciding who can touch my teeth. At Boh Dental, I’m more than happy for everyone there to touch my teeth. I had a delightful experience visiting this clinic for the first time – the reception staff were friendly and guided me through the obligatory paperwork prior to my appointment. The appointment actually began on time (rare for a dental surgery). My dentist was absolutely lovely“, claims a local called Ellie.

Their office is open for costumers from Monday to Friday (8 AM – 6 PM). The only exceptions are Wednesdays and Fridays when they close at 5 PM. You can book an appointment online via Boh Dental’s website Phone bookings are also possible, so why not try to dial their number: +61 7 3223 5000. The office is located at 12th Floor King George Tower, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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