Brisbane – The University of Queensland School of Dentistry

Today’s students are tomorrow’s future and this youth staff proves it every day. The University of Queensland School of Dentistry consists of professors, doctors and, of course, students who are ready to enter the world of professional dentistry.

With a long tradition of 81 years in dental education and research, they are considered to be one of the best dental teams in Brisbane. This school’s programs attract both domestic and foreign students, who are well prepared for the clinical, academic and research workforce.

The university has a partnership with Metro North Hospital and Health Service, also known as the Oral Health Alliance. Therefore, their most talented students do more than just operate within the academic facility – they work at a well-known Brisbane hospital, making practice perfect to the last detail.
Since their freshly graduated doctors (and those who are on the way to become one) are still quite young, the dental examinations they perform are a lot cheaper in comparison to local dental offices.

‘As a person on a tight budget, I can’t afford to see a normal dentist.  Luckily, the School of Dentistry exists so that I can get my teeth checked and still have this beautiful smile. The student who looked at my mouth was professional, friendly and explained what they were doing. Their teacher/supervisor who double checked was also lovely’, said Kira from Queensland.

Making an appointment is necessary before visiting the staff and getting your teeth checked. Their phone number for patient enquiries is (07) 3365 8019, and they are open from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 4 PM). Reaching them via e-mail is also possible by sending your message to You can find other important information on their website: The address of the University of Queensland School of Dentistry is 200 Turbot St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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